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March 9, 2000
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HR ThatReally Works!
Optimas Awards Winners 2000

It’s the most wonderful time of the yearagain! No, not because it’s tax season. It’s timeto honor this year’s 10 most outstanding HR departments!


General Excellence: SAS Institute Inc.
By Charles Fishman

SAS Institute isn’t an employer -- it’s aprovider. Employees don’t have to worry about balancing work and life becausethey’re one and the same.

Competitive Advantage: Jamba Juice
By Brenda Paik Sunoo

In the come-and-go food industry, Jamba Juice hasfound recruiting and retention strategies that can squeeze out winners from adry labor pool.

By Kelly Dunn

Jellyvision was growing so fast it didn’t have time to consider HR --until employees asked for it. Then they used their creative edge todevelop HR that is equally creative.

Financial Impact: IBM
By Gillian Flynn

HR at IBM suffered drastic cutbacks. But the remaining department developed acall center that saved $180 million dollars for ol’ Big Blue.

Global Outlook: United Nations
By Brenda Paik Sunoo

A diverse group of professionals bring staff development issues to the top ofthe United Nations’ list of concerns.

Partnership:Connecticut State Department of Education
By Nancy Wong

Connecticut’s Department of Education fought to improve the schoolenvironment and bring cooperation to the labor-management relationship.

Managing Change: Bayer Consumer Care Division
By Jennifer Laabs

The HR team at Bayer’s Myerstown, Pennsylvania,production facility initiated a process that helped the plant become moreprofitable.

By Samuel Greengard

QUALCOMM offers a range of online training coursesand college degree programs to employees in five states and Israel.

Qualityof Life: Patagonia
By Jennifer Laabs

By providing a culture that supports employees’ passions, Patagoniareaps success and, in turn, supports "green" causes worldwide.

Vision: GTE
By Charlene Marmer Solomon

The challenge to GTE HR managers was tantalizing:find a credible way to measure HR’s contribution to the business.




In this month’sissue, HR 101 shows you the problem with skills gapping, and why high-techtraining tools may never be "top of the line."


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