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May 1, 2000
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Building Better Bosses
By Shari Caudron
Complaints about bad management are growing more and more frequent. It seems that MBA-wielding new hires and good employees with nowhere to go but management are being placed in leadership roles without leadership know-how. HR is finding that the solution is training, training, and training.


Merging 401(k) Plans
By Jacqueline Brodnitzki and Susan Schochet
In the heat of merger mania, office supply retailer Staples found that their handling of different benefit plans was crucial to gaining employees' trust. Here are questions to ask yourself as you blend 401(k) plans.

Site Unseen?
By Samuel Greengard
Companies like Dell Computer are finding that there's an art to creating an HR Web site. But what can you do to make your site more visible (and usable) for employees? Here are some tips from the pros about what makes or breaks an HR site.

Don't Forget Your Telecommuters
By Charlene Marmer Solomon
This year's withdrawn OSHA mandate about home offices brought up a good question: How involved should employers be with their telecommuters?

What Is Work/Life Worth?
By Dayton Fandray
It's easy to throw work/life benefits at employees to keep up with your competition, but you should stop to figure out what you're really accomplishing.

HR Certification's Technology Gap
By Paul Gilster
We've all seen technology change the HR field. Yet HR certificate programs aren't addressing this shift, and are staying within familiar territory. Do these programs really benefit you considering HR's future focus?

How to Value Improvement Initiative Results
By Jac Fitz-enz
In this excerpt from his upcoming book, "The ROI of Human Capital" (AMACOM, 2000), Jac Fitz-enz discusses the importance of evaluating change.

HR 101

Candidate Sourcing
Think you're tapped out? In this month's HR 101, Workforce takes a look at methods of finding new hires besides your run-of-the-mill classified ad. Here you'll find information about college recruiting and more.


On the Contrary
Remembering a Good Boy

The Need for Speed

The Buzz
H1-B Visa Shortage Slows Influx of IT Workers

Rutgers University Creates Culture of Lifelong Learning

Legal Insight
More Evidence Needed Upon Discrimination Charges

Working Wounded
What Do You Need to Know to Make a Budget?

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