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Taboo Interview Subjects If An Employee Spills the Beans, Can You Ask About Them

December 16, 1998
Related Topics: Discrimination and EEOC Compliance, Featured Article
Most employers know there are subjects that should not be brought up in an interview. But what if an employee brings such a subject up—do you then have a green light to ask about it?

Generally, the answer is no. If an applicant tells you he has a child living at home, that doesn’t mean you should start asking about childcare. You don’t want to discuss issues that a court could use as evidence you discriminate in your hiring.

Source: You and the Law, National Institute of Business Management, 1750 Old Meadow Rd, Suite 302, McLean, VA 22102, November 1998. 800/543-2055. Cost: $187/year.

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