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Taleo Pays $3 Million for JobFlash’s Assets

March 9, 2007
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Staffing management software provider Taleo has entered into a $3 million all-cash deal to acquire JobFlash, a privately held company headquartered in Fremont, California.

The acquisition includes JobFlash’s intellectual property, technology and customers. The deal enables Dublin, California-based Taleo to offer clients interactive voice response and interview scheduling in languages besides English via the telephone.

The technology is particularly coveted by employers that deal with high volumes of hourly employees from varied cultural backgrounds and languages. Whole Foods, Ramada Hotel and Casino and Securitas are among JobFlash’s 60 clients.

The agreement, announced Wednesday, March 7, is expected to have minimal fallout as the majority of JobFlash’s sales and service employees are expected to be retained. Taleo customers are being offered the new services.

The company is integrating JobFlash’s interactive voice response and scheduling products into Taleo Enterprise Edition, which is geared toward large employers. Smaller clients will have access to the services via Taleo Business Edition.

—Gina Ruiz


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