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August 1, 1998
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By using a mentor-team approach to employee development, Fuller Co. has reduced its turnover of high-potential managers. Below is the sequence of events for participants of the Targeted Employee Development Program (TEDP):

  • Division management selects individual for the program.
  • WMS Management Consultants conducts assessment of the participant’s developmental strengths and needs (a one-day series of tests and interviews).
  • WMS meets with participant (one-on-one) to give feedback on the results of the assessment program.
  • HR, department manager and WMS meet with participant to discuss developmental strengths and needs, and begin planning development steps.
  • Participant, with support from HR and department manager, establishes developmental plan.
  • HR and department manager hold regular follow-up sessions with participant to discuss progress and to lend support and encouragement.
  • Senior management conducts quarterly review of the plans and progress of TEDP participants.
Workforce, August 1998, Vol. 77, No. 8, p. 34.


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