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Terminating Employees

October 2, 1998
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When terminating employees, here's what not to do during that process:

  • Take your anger out on him/her.
  • Fire him/her for something another employee or employees did.
  • Keep no records or proof.
  • Discuss employees shortcomings with other employees.
  • Leave confidential employee information in the reception area.
  • Assume that your supervisors know and follow the rules.
  • Tolerate employees using race, sex or age-based remarks.
  • Give a great reference to a problem employee.
  • Sugarcoat your evaluations to avoid hurting an employee's feelings.
  • Tell a long-term employee with a performance problem that he or she ought to consider retirement because he or she is getting on in years.
  • Snoop into employees private lives for no reason.
  • Ignore problems until you absolutely must deal with them.

Source: Paul Heylman, Schmeltzer, Aptaker & Shepard, Washington, D.C., July 1998.

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