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The Best Practices for Recruiting Provide Companies With an Edge

December 13, 2000
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he Careerssection of the corporate Web site is quickly becoming the first and mostvaluable point of contact between candidates and companies. It is both a vehiclefor branding, and a platform for interaction between job candidates andcorporate recruiters/hiring managers. Corporations can foster their recruitingsuccess by understanding and adopting Web site recruiting best practices.

Recruitsoft/iLogosResearch explores BestPractices for Fortune 500 Career Web Site Recruitingin a groundbreaking study of the recruiting practices of America’s leadingcorporations, and an outstanding three-part Webcastseries focused on the lessons learned and benchmarks established from thereport. The Webcasts– free for viewing – include informative roundtable discussions with seniorHR executives from leading corporations.

The BestPractices optimize the corporate Career Web site’s ability to:

  1. Attractjobseekers

  2. Convincejobseekers

  3. Captureand Process jobseekers

As a marketing vehicle, thecorporate Careers section should be designed and positioned to attract the rightaudience. A prominently positioned link or button on the homepage leadingdirectly to the Careers section makes it easy for passive jobseekers to pursuejob opportunities with the company. A first-rate job search tool, enabling asearch of open job positions by location, job category, and keyword, is the mostuser-friendly way of getting open job positions viewed by suitable candidates.

With a Job Agent feature, the candidate is invited to leave a personal emailaddress in order to receive an automated notification of future matchingpositions. In addition, a company can extend the reach of their Careers sectionto a candidate’s referral network by allowing job descriptions to be emailedto a friend.

The Careers section can maintainthe jobseeker’s interest by offering a high quality of information on thecompany – including employee benefit and corporate culture descriptions– andon potential career opportunities. Well-written, enticing and comprehensive (ina style appropriate for the Web) job descriptions market the position to thecandidate. A separate College recruiting section addresses the needs of thisspecific, important candidate group.

The Careers Web site shouldcompel the jobseeker to take the time to submit information to thecorporation…and the corporation should be able to process these applicationsefficiently. Here, best practices center on ease-of-use and a variety of methodsof information submission and processing.

The quality of the candidate’s user-experience is always important. To capturethe largest candidate pool, all candidates should be accommodated, regardless oftheir state of “resume-readiness.” Optimally designed Career Web sites allowcandidates to copy and paste their resume into a Web form; construct a currentresume on the spot using a Resume Builder; send word-processor formatted resumesvia an email attachment. Candidates should be able to respond online directlyfrom a job position, without having to remember and quote a job reference numberin the course of the application.

From the company’s perspective, pre-screening tools, customized to the jobrequirements of each open position, greatly reduces the time spent qualifyingcandidates. Recruitsoft’sRecruiter WebTop hiring management system provides the critical front-enddata capture features for the corporate Careers Web site unified with effectiveback-end recruiting management tools.

Study results show that today, Fortune 500 companies are scattered in howthey attract, convince and capture jobseekers. The vast majority has a Careerssection (89%) linked directly from their homepage (73%); nearly half postemployee benefits (55%) and corporate culture information (44%), and have aseparate College recruiting section (42%). Yet a minority benefit from powerfulfunctionality including candidate profiling (19%), referral networking throughemail-to-a-friend functionality (9%), and accepting applications anonymously(1%).

To learn more about the Best Practices for attracting, convincing and capturingtop quality candidates, view the Webcastseries and order a copy of the Recruitsoft/iLogos Research InternetIntelligence Report, BestPractices for Fortune 500 Career Web Site Recruiting.

For more information, contact Recruitsoft at 888/836-3669,

Recruitsoft delivers the most complete online recruiting solutions for leading companies across many industries. Among the company's clients are Dow Chemical, Hasbrow, Deloitte and Touche, Bombardier Aerospace and Transportation, MetLife, Cabletron Systems (NYSE: CS), and Sutter Health. The company's Recruiter WebTopTM application service integrates the entire recruiting supply chain and powers the career Web pages of large corporations, leading to faster time-to-hire, lower cost-per-hire, and ultimately, increased quality of hires.

Recruitsoft introduced the pay-per-hire fee structure to the Web-based recruiting industry and is considered to be the best-practice ASP for recruitment management solutions, based on its proprietary ACE Recruiting(tm) methodology, designed in collaboration with large corporations to re-engineer and streamline the corporate recruiting process.

Recruitsoft is the first HMS to integrate all areas of candidate sourcing. These services, accessible via one click, include: job postings on the corporate Website, the company Intranet, job boards, advertising in all print media and, importantly, contract-assisted candidate sourcing.

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