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The IWorkforce Optimas-II Award-I Issue

November 19, 2009
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Would you miss the Academy Awards? The Grammy Awards? The MTV Video Awards? No, not if you're in the movie business or the music business.

So, if you're in the HR business - you don't miss the special Workforce Optimas® Awards issue.

The new breed of HR decision maker faithfully reads the Workforce Optimas® Awards issue looking for winning ideas to use in their own organizations.

The Workforce Optimas® Awards issue celebrates HR achievements and inspires the new breed of HR decision makers.

Since 1991, the annual Workforce Optimas® Awards issue has been a source of ideas, direction, and inspiration to HR leaders everywhere.

Why? Because this must-read issue celebrates HR's success at solving some of the biggest business challenges of our time.

The new-breed of HR leaders at Levi Strauss, Bank of Montreal, Federal Express, Disney, Continental Airlines, Mirage Resorts, the City of Phoenix, Cirque du Soleil and more than 70 other organizations have pushed HR far beyond the paper-pushing, picnic-planning policy police of the outdated stereotype.

Winners have opened new global markets, improved opportunities for women, turned around failing business units, resolved contentious labor disputes, cleaned up the environment, streamlined government, created new models for health care delivery, and confronted workplace violence.

That's real HR with a real impact.

The Workforce Optimas® Award recognizes HR's vision and stature in the organization.

Every year, 10 additional winners are chosen and profiled in the Workforce Optimas® Awards issue in March. The selection criteria? Making their businesses better through HR - real HR with real impact.

Find out more information about the award and the winners.

Optimas® Awards Overview: The Optimas® Award epitomizes the new breed of HR management.

The Optimas® Winning Companies: Optimas® companies prove there isn't anything HR can't do.

Make sure your ad is front of the top 10 companies of the year - and the new breed of HR decision makers every where. Advertise in the March issue of Workforce.


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