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The Many Faces of e-HR

April 1, 2000
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Here are some of the ways that human resources can benefit through electronic systems:

  • Portals can create a single interface for accessing key data.
  • Online recruiting can eliminate paperwork and speed the hiring process.
  • Employee self-service can automate record-keeping.
  • A Web-accessible knowledge base can reduce questions to the HR department or a call center.
  • Electronic benefits enrollment lets employees sort through options faster, while reducing paperwork and questions for HR.
  • Electronic payroll can cut costs and make data more easily accessible.
  • Trading exchanges and e-marketplaces can reduce the cost of products and services.
  • E-procurement can eliminate catalogs and manual processes that are expensive and slow.
  • Electronic travel and expense reporting can crumple the paper glut and speed reimbursements to both employees and the company.
  • Online retirement planning can help employees map out their future, while reducing questions and paperwork for HR.
  • Online learning can slash travel costs and make training available anytime, anywhere.
  • Competency management can help an organization identify strengths and weaknesses.

Workforce, April 2000, Vol. 79, No. 4, p. 46.

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