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The Secret to Retaining Good Employees

January 14, 2000
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What is the secret to retaining good employees?

The answer is matchingemployees and corporate culture. Corporate culture refers to the workatmosphere, which tends to reflect the company's values.

People work for avariety of reasons. One is to pay the bills and collect benefits. Although aprimary reason, it's not why someone chooses one job over another. That oftendepends upon the corporate culture.

Your task is to presentand sell your company to perspective employees. The best matches are those who fit your corporate culture. That will ensure your company is attractive to them. Before any job search begins, taking a hard look at your corporateculture and how your company is presented during the interview process will save you time and money in the long run.

Determine the type ofworker for whom you are looking. Talk to similar workers at your company tofind out what they like about working there. Decide what perks you could offerthat might support your corporate culture and attract those workers.

SOURCE: T. Williams Consulting, Collegeville, PA, January 13, 2000.

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