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The Top 10 Creative Staffing Methods

August 1, 1998
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Ideas outside the Norm.

  1. Send recruiters to recreational locations where your intended recruits are likely to be, such as ski resorts, summer gathering spots.
  2. Design a "Boot Camp" (with pay) to entice people to develop skills for your organization's needs.
  3. Create a memorable identity at job fairs.
  4. Go outside your typical target groups for recruiting. Learn which talents and skills can be easily trained to transfer into your organization.
  5. Think "low tech" to find employees. Direct-mail items, such as coupons, postcards and giveaways to targeted demographics, can be powerful recruitment tools.
  6. Don't forget the international labor market.
  7. Create 12- to 16-hour availability for recruiting and hiring by staggering HR schedules. Accommodate candidates' needs for before- and after-work interviews.
  8. Have senior managers interview candidates.
  9. Develop and market strong internship programs to promote your company and also find good talent.
  10. Provide an "open house" to showcase your company to the outside world. Promote the values of your company all the time.

Workforce, August 1998, Vol. 77, No. 8, p. 70.

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