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The World-Class Orientation Program

December 1, 1999
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A world-class orientation program:

  1. Has weighted and targeted goals and it meets each of them.
  2. Is given by a senior person.
  3. Is an ongoing process.
  4. Begins before the first day.
  5. Makes the first day a celebration.
  6. Involves the family and others in the process.
  7. Makes new employees productive on the first day.
  8. Isn’t boring, rushed or ineffective.
  9. Is global, multi-lingual and diverse. Have a one-size-fits-all strategy to allow for individual and local needs.
  10. Is available on the intranet and uses technology.
  11. Reduces turnover.
  12. Can be done remotely and during "off" periods.
  13. Is monitored, measured and rewarded. It also uses feedback to continuously improve.

Source: JohnSullivan, head and professor of the Human Resource Management College ofBusiness, San Francisco State University.

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