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Top 10 Situations that Cause Costly Employment Problems For Companies

December 8, 1998
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These are the things that will increase your risk of a lawsuit.

  1. Have no established "zero tolerance" policy regarding sexual harassment, violence in the workplace, and employment discrimination (according to state and federal legislation).
  2. Have not regularly distributed the "Zero tolerance" to all employees.
  3. Have not trained all employees on these policies.
  4. Have no routine way of training new hires and current employees on these policies.
  5. Have no written grievance/complaint procedure that has been distributed, enforced and explained to all employees with assurance for no retaliation if complaints are filed.
  6. Ignore initial complaints or "grumblings" from employees without giving the complaint thorough consideration and appropriate investigation.
  7. Ignore high absenteeism, tardiness, accident, turnover or other high-risk behavior that is especially accumulated within one department and spread among different employees in that department.
  8. Don’t offer employee assistance programs and train supervisors, team leaders and managers about making mandatory referrals when necessary.
  9. Don’t implement employment or drug testing in valid, reliable, secure, and confidential ways with the assistance of trained professionals in the related field (e.g. drug testing specialist, industrial psychologist.)
  10. Have a double standard of behaviors for top level managers even if all of the above steps are in place.

Source: Camille Caiozzo, Ph.D., President of Resource HR, Inc, November 1998. Caiozzo, is a Management Psychologist with over 20 years experience consulting on workplace behavioral issues.

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