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Top 25 Pet Peeves and Resume Mistakes

March 19, 1999
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Here’s what bothers American companies the most on resumes, according to a new book called Resume Magic.

  1. Leaving out dates
  2. No chronological listing of work
  3. Overstatement of responsibility
  4. Too much detail, usually re: job descriptions
  5. Summary of work history by type rather than listing the exact company and job performed
  6. Baseless description of personal strengths
  7. Entitlement mentality ("I have a degree, I’m smart, what can you do for me?")
  8. No accomplishments listed, just duties
  9. Accomplishments don’t describe where and when they were made
  10. Pumped up to look like candidate has more qualifications than s/he really does
  11. Accomplishments separate from work history so it’s not clear what was done where
  12. Fancy fonts
  13. Photos included
  14. Graphics
  15. Typos
  16. Misspelling
  17. Fluffy words
  18. Bad grammar
  19. Incomplete sentences
  20. Disorganized
  21. Too long
  22. Two pages for beginners
  23. Poor organization
  24. Lack of clear direction, focus
  25. Covering up or lying about gaps in employment or lack of degree

SOURCE: JIST Works, Inc., Indianapolis, January 4, 1999. Resume Magic covers virtually every element of resume making.

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