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Employee Screening

Surveys Focus on Veterans' Employment

November 11, 2011
A CareerBuilder survey found that 20 percent of employers plan to actively recruit U.S. veterans over the next 12 months while a separate survey by found that 69 percent of firms found that veterans perform their job functions 'much better' than non-veterans.
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Dear Workforce How Do We Curb Toxic Employee Behaviors?

August 29, 2011
I am HR Manager a nonprofit mental-health organization. Many managers are complaining about poor workplace behaviors of employees. Although not illegal, these behaviors are unhealthy and unproductive. Employees do not seem capable of getting along with each other, and it's harming our ability to work efficiently. What can I do to address these behaviors and improve this toxic work environment?
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E-Verify at a Glance

March 24, 2010
Although there is growing use of E-Verify by private employers, a large percentage of those companies are using it because they are required to—either because they operate as employers in a jurisdiction where it is legally required or because they are federal contractors or subcontractors. For the vast majority of employers in the U.S., E-Verify is still optional. The chart below shows the circumstances in which E-Verify must be used, and when it’s merely an option for an employer to consider.
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Foiling Résumé Fraud

August 6, 2009
In a tough job market, some candidates go beyond being creative and fake aspects of their résumés to increase their attractiveness to would-be employers. By recognizing a few of the most commonly used deception techniques, employers can better position themselves to identify applicants who work hard to hide a history of hardly working.
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Dear Workforce How Do We Plug Skills Gaps of Our Recruiters?

September 9, 2005
Recruiters at our company have a tough time closing deals. They gather specifications, source qualified candidates, screen and interview candidates and compile 'short lists'--and then they wait to hear back. Trouble is, I think our recruiters either a) have poor communication skills or b) aren't doing their jobs efficiently. How do I identify and plug the gap? What training modules might exist for enhancing their skills?
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