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New Tool Gauges Cost Benefits When Hiring Disabled Workers

October 25, 2011
The tool focuses on three federal tax incentive programs: the Work Opportunity Credit, which can provide a maximum $2,400 tax credit; the Disabled Access Credit, which helps small businesses defray the cost of providing special equipment; and the Architectural Barrier Removal Tax Deduction, which provides a deduction of up to $15,000 for the removal of architectural and transportation barriers to persons with disabilities and senior citizens.
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McDonald’s Faces Teen Labor Shortage

September 16, 2011
The declining number of teenage job seekers presents a super-size challenge for McDonald’s, where 40 percent of the top 50 managers—including CEO James Skinner—worked their way up from the cash register or fry vat, and which more than ever needs qualified workers to keep service from bogging down in an era of computerized cash registers and electronic ovens.
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