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Contingent Staffing

Vendor Management Re-evaluated

April 8, 2008
After the collapse of Ensemble Chimes Global, corporations that use contingent staff are taking a second look at VMS companies, those independent software enterprises that had promised to save them money. The scrutiny may work against independent VMS businesses and in favor of larger, better capitalized companies, particularly large staffing firms that offer their own VMS products.
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Staffing Association Issues Vendor Management Guidelines

March 4, 2008
After the collapse of one of largest vendor management systems left millions of dollars owed to staffing companies, the American Staffing Association is offering advice both to staffing companies and to the CFOs of large companies that might use VMS services.
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Axiums Collapse Raises Vendor Management Questions

February 7, 2008
When Axium filed for bankruptcy, staffing companies scrambled to collect outstanding bills that have been estimated at anywhere from $100 million to $300 million. Questions are being raised about vendor management system arrangements in general, and their power to control large numbers of staffing vendors.
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Staffing Firm Sells Off Non-Core Division

February 6, 2008
Hudson Highland Group’s energy and engineering staffing subsidiary does not typically reflect low-skilled staffing, but was sold because it is not as profitable as divisions like legal and IT talent placement.
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