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Contingent Staffing

FedEx Ground Continues Its Contractor Battle

August 22, 2007
Although FedEx Ground lost another round in court, the company says it has no intention of abandoning the independent contractor model it is using, and in fact continues to expand its use around the country.
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The Independent Contractor Question

June 29, 2007
The use of independent contractors in place of employees has been on the rise in the U.S. for years and continues to stir debate over its impact on worker protections. Congress has recently taken a renewed interest in the subject with the arrival of a Democratic majority, with one representative calling the misclassification of employees as contract workers “a national problem with implications for federal laws and our federal coffers; a problem we must solve.”
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Ramping Up, Ramping Down

April 12, 2007
In Europe and Japan, higher levels of contingent work initially emerged as a response to rigid labor laws, but are now part of a broader corporate strategy to become more responsive to market changes.
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