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Contingent Staffing

A Tight Talent Supply Drives Up Staffing Costs

March 16, 2007
Staffing companies’ top challenge is finding and keeping qualified people to satisfy their clients’ needs. If trends that were under way in 2006 continue in 2007, U.S. corporations will spend more on contingent staffing without a corresponding increase in the number of temporary workers hired.
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Setting Sites on Retirees

February 22, 2006
Several retiree employment Web sites are playing matchmaker to companies and retirees. These sites take advantage not only of demographic trends, but technological ones: Employment advertising has migrated to the Internet, and the number of Internet-savvy retirees is growing.
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The Fuzzy Math on Executive Pay

February 16, 2006
The SEC's 370-page proposal for executive compensation disclosure could create more questions than answers. Companies point to difficulties placing a value on perks and future benefits while claiming that competitive information could be compromised.
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The Big Not-So-Easy

February 8, 2006
Since Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans and neighboring regions have been through multiple stages of recovery, and each one has been accompanied by a brand-new job market. The staffing industry has had to adapt each time.
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