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Contingent Staffing

Adelphias Rent to Own Recruiting Solution

May 29, 2004
VP John Pitek hired an interim marketing director at a cost of $182,000 per year—higher than the $120,000 salary at which the company eventually hired the interim 60 days later. “It’s a small fee to pay to avoid a big mistake,” Pitek says.
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The Temp Match Game

October 3, 2003
Hiring the wrong temp can leave ugly permanent marks on an organization--unhappy customers, plummeting productivity and high costs. The right temp can help increase revenues, whittle down labor costs and enhance productivity. Some companies have figured out how to find temporary workers that exactly match their business and culture.
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A Cure for Contingent Costs

August 1, 2003
Companies that already use the Web as a tool for buying materials are now using it to manage contract workers. Shell Oil Products U.S. expects to cut its contingent-labor cost in half by the end of the year by using Web-based processes.
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Dear Workforce How Can I Persuade Management To Approve More Part-Time Hours

May 8, 2003
My department has one full-time and one part-time employee managing benefits and payroll for a staff of more than 300 employees. I want to ask management to approve more hours for my part-time assistant. I’ve asked for additional hours each budget year, without success. How can I convince management that we need more than 60 man hours per week?
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