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Contingent Staffing

More Employers Take on Temps, but Planning Is Paramount

June 5, 2011
Some companies aren’t waiting for the government to be their guide on this journey. They use a stringent vetting process where workers must answer questions that go beyond what the government requires. Workers who want to be classified as independent contractors are asked for documentation that could include a list of clients and tax information.
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Dear Workforce We Lost Historical Data on Our Staffing Strategies. How Do We Rebuild?

May 31, 2011
I have been given the assignment of establishing a strategic plan for staffing to become a "world-class staffing department." The trouble is, lack of data into our past: All historical information compiled from our previous HR manager got tossed during a reorganization. So how do we gain insights into where we have been, so we know which directions to take going forward? Any suggestions?
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PEO Firm Administaff Buys Software Line

January 6, 2011
OrgPlus software assists in the creation of detailed organization charts that can help companies better understand their organization structure, increase productivity and more easily plan for change, according to Administaff.
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