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Dear Workforce How Do We Persuade Management to Create Flex Schedules?

July 14, 2010
My company doesn’t have an official flex schedule policy, which means that some departments are able to have a flex schedule while departments such as mine do not (I work in human resources). What is the best way to present a request for consideration to our human resources executives to see if this arrangement could benefit us?
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10 Keys to a Sensible Overtime Policy

January 27, 2010
For organizations that use shifts and have extended-hours operations, overtime needs to be handled with care. Here are 10 tips for developing an overtime policy that will reduce the likelihood of safety, health and production problems.
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Dear Workforce Shift Work Is Harming Morale. How Do We Make Amends?

September 27, 2009
Our financial services company recently introduced shift work for some service positions, which has led to grumbling and general discontent. For example, our service-desk positions previously were 8 a.m.-5 p.m. jobs, but business needs warranted going to a 24/5 schedule. We are concerned about a drop in morale, along with the attendant productivity drops. We tried to roll this out gradually, giving service people time to adjust and informing them of the change through group meetings and one on one. Still, morale is at a new low since we began the shift-work schedule. How could we have missed on this so badly? And how can we repair the damage? —Sinking Fast, manager, finance/insurance/real estate, Johannesburg, South Africa
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