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<i>Dear Workforce</i> We&#8217;re Getting Resistance From Employees About Our Rotational Assignments for Managers. How Do We Win The

February 23, 2007
We are using temporary rotational assignments for some managers to try and broaden their organizational knowledge. Some of our employees resent having a manager who didn’t "grow up" professionally in their specific fields. They also seem to doubt the ability of these managers to effectively support them and their business goals. What can we do to help the employees be more accepting of managers from different disciplines?
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A Delicate Balance Business Needs and Employees' Lives in Chaos

October 22, 2004
With four hurricanes pounding Florida in six weeks, critical services such as hospitals, utility companies and government offices had to perform quite a juggling act. These organizations had to remain up and running and keep employees focused on their jobs, while at the same time taking into account workers’ concerns about their families, pets and homes.
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