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Be Careful in What You Say

January 1, 1998
Defamation suits can crop up at any stage of the employment cycle: Performance reviews, investigations, demotions, terminations and references. How you can do your job in the most legally defensible manner.
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Summer Olympics An HR Disaster

February 1, 1997
The 1996 summer Olympics were a monstrous HR undertaking. Yet we seemed to hear more about what went wrong than what went right—was that fair? And how's the outplacement for Olympic staffers and athletes going? An Olympic update.
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Angry Employees Bite Back in Court

December 1, 1996
Angry workers are filing lawsuits against their employers in record numbers. It's a frightening and expensive trend that's bound to get worse-unless you handle your downsizing and other business practices with caution and savvy.
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Site Shutdown One HR Leader Tells Her Story

March 1, 1996
When Signetics decided to close down operations at its Orem, Utah plant in 1992, a year-long downsizing process ensued. The plant's former HR manager gives us a rare look at how one company and its HR department dealt with such issues as retention and relocation, morale lapses, theft, out-placement and retraining.
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