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Court Rules That Fired Worker Is Owed Comp Benefits

January 22, 2010
The employer’s obligation to pay temporary total disability benefits continues until the employee’s medical condition stabilizes and he reaches maximum medical improvement, the Illinois Supreme Court says in Interstate Scaffolding Inc. v. The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission.
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<i>Dear Workforce </i> How Do I Counsel My Companys Morale-Killing CEO (and Not Get Fired)

May 19, 2009
I am the HR director at a small company. I have been asked by the head of our small company to counsel my boss, who is the company CEO, about his tendency for insulting employees and making racist comments in e-mail messages. The same CEO has made derogatory comments about me, and retaliated against some employees (including firing) who have brought his defects to light. Morale is extremely low, from district managers to the corporate office, yet our company has never done better financially. As a result, our company's directors don't want to change CEOs. How do I handle his request for me to counsel my own boss?
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