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Workforce Planning

The Jobs You Can't Do Without

December 13, 2005
By identifying positions that directly produce revenue, reach customers or encompass skills that differentiate a company from its rivals, employers can put their resources into areas where they'll have the greatest effect.
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Dear Workforce How Do We Get Our Founder To Step Down

November 11, 2005
Our 60-year-old international company posted 2004 sales of about $100 million. Yet our workplace is in trouble. The 95-year-old founder of the family-owned company refuses to retire. Instead, he insists on handling all human resources issues--even though he can not do the job capably. His 71-year-old son hasn't stepped up either. Some employees have gone years without raises or even reviews. Wages are below market, Christmas bonuses have been cut three straight years and employees feel trapped in a power play between three generations of the family. What could we do to communicate the damage to company morale?
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The Move to Meaningful Metrics

October 25, 2005
Experts agree that recruiting-effectiveness measures are a more accurate gauge of value than efficiency measures such as time to fill and cost per hire. Designing the best effectiveness metrics is the new challenge.
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Six Easy Pieces

May 11, 2005
HP’s Gerard Brossard discusses a six-step process that helps the company develop a strategic workforce plan supportive of its business strategy, whether that’s the development of new products or an aggressive growth plan for China.
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