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Workforce Planning

Government Workers Can't Find Jobs

July 2, 2003
Laid-off government employees are fighting to prove themselves worthy of a private-sector job. Just when they thought they were secure, the government makes cutbacks and they have to prove they’re more than nine-to-fivers who file their nails on paid time.
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Phased Retirement

July 1, 2003
Pension laws still present problems, but some organizations--and older workers--are finding informal ways to make phased retirement a reality. Some employers are even targeting retired seniors in recruiting campaigns.
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Cisco's Homegrown Gamble

February 27, 2003
The company that believed buying talent was the key to success now relies on developing the employees it already has. Not everyone is convinced the strategy will keep Cisco Systems on top.
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Loyalty May Become Cool Again

December 30, 2002
The idea of employees spending their entire careers at a single company was mostly derided in the 1990s as an out-of-date concept from a paternalistic corporate past. But with baby boomers nearing retirement and company knowledge more important than ever, long-term employees will become valuable once again.
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