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Workforce Planning

Contingent Overcompliance

July 13, 2012
Excessive fear regarding the misclassification of workers and resulting liability can lead organizations to distance themselves unnecessarily from contractors and temps. The result is bad for both companies and contingents.
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Even 4th of July Fireworks Need a Contingency Plan

July 2, 2012
I'm sure you have star employees without whom your business would suffer. Yet, do you know if they are content with their job? Or, do they feel underpaid, under-appreciated, or overworked? Tomorrow, one could walk out the door.
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How Should We Use Retirees to Train Our Younger Workers?

June 28, 2012
Our organization would like to implement cross-training in light of a large number of seasoned employees who are approaching retirement. How can we go about keeping these experienced folks on as consultants after they retire? What is the key to making this solution work? —Training and Retaining, human resources director, services, Colton, California
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Arms-Length Embrace

June 18, 2012
Why companies have to love their contingents, not just abide by the law and use them to cut labor costs.
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Vineet Nayar Interview: Offshore Outsourcing and the New Global Economy

June 4, 2012
As part of our 90th anniversary, Workforce Management is talking to some of the people and organizations that have influenced today's workplace. In this installment, Workforce Management senior editor Ed Frauenheim talks with Vineet Nayar—the CEO of India-based HCL Technologies who pioneered the ‘Employee First, Customer Second' management philosophy—about the evolution of outsourcing to India and where U.S. companies fail when it comes to outsourcing. Nayar helped lead the offshore outsourcing charge, which has changed workforce management worldwide.
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