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Intellectual Property Theft Lessons From Coca-Cola

August 24, 2006
Employee intellectual property theft can cost companies anywhere from $200 million to upwards of $1.2 trillion annually. Although intellectual property experts say there is no way to protect a company 100 percent, there are innovative ways to prevent damage.
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Dear Workforce: How Do I Choose the Best Method for Retraining an Entrenched Workforce?

April 13, 2006
My company is introducing a computer-assisted manufacturing process at one of its assembly plants. The new technology is likely to result in substantial modification of jobs. Employees will be required to learn statistical process-control techniques. The new technology and push for quality requires employees to attend numerous training sessions. Half of the employees affected by this completed their formal education more than 10 years ago. How do I choose which training method to use in my organization?
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Technology Test Subject

March 20, 2006
As people chief at SAP, Claus Heinrich provides the business software maker real-world insight into the applications that workforce managers need. But his greater responsibility may be helping the company's innovative culture amid global expansion.
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Data Breach Laws A Wake-up Call for HR

February 10, 2006
A significant new category of employment-related privacy legislation has burst upon the scene: data breach notification laws. Employers need to take data breach legislation as seriously as they take such data laws as FCRA and HIPAA.
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