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Dear Workforce How Do I Calculate Training Costs

January 14, 2005
How do I calculate the cost of training per trainee in our vocational center? Which items should I include? For example, do I include the cost of buildings, equipment, salaries and training materials? I’m trying to make a standardized model for calculating the training cost per trainee in my organization, which incorporates many such centers.
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Dear Workforce How Do We Boost E-Learning Rates

October 1, 2004
Our e-learning curriculum includes 100 courses across a broad spectrum of fields, all developed by content specialists. Why aren’t more of our employees enrolling to take these courses? Despite monthly reminders, participation remains low. If it doesn’t increase soon, we’ll have to scrap funding for it.
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Pulling the Plug

July 2, 2004
The complexity of installing and maintaining human resources management systems is prompting many companies to bypass them altogether. As large companies turn to total busniess process outsourcing, software companies could find themselves endangered, and are working hard to lock up contracts with outsourcing giants.
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Sample Wireless Communication Policy

December 1, 2003
This sample can give you ideas about what to include in a policy concerning wireless communication. It includes sections on encryption, enforcement and registration.
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