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Employee Engagement

Putting Value Into the 'Employee Value Proposition'

February 20, 2013
In the past several years, more companies have introduced or re-crafted their “employee value proposition” to give employees a better idea of what the total employee experience encompasses, beyond the basic salary and benefits. Laura Sejen, global practice leader of rewards for consultancy Towers Watson & Co., recently spoke with Workforce contributing writer Meg McSherry Breslin about the key factors employers should keep in mind when they're looking to revise their employee value proposition, otherwise known as the "employment deal."
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What Is the Best Way to Benchmark First-Year Turnover?

December 6, 2012
How do we know if our first-year attrition rate is healthy? We have sources to compare overall attrition, but have not found a benchmark for attrition during the first year of employment. —Turnover Tension, manufacturing/production, Manassas, Virginia
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