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Motivating Employees

Kindness Pays Or Does It

June 29, 2007
A school of management thought holds that creating a positive corporate culture boosts business performance, but even many proponents of this philosophy admit they can’t make a direct financial link.
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Copping Out on Performance Management

June 28, 2007
Sometimes performance management systems give managers the chance to gloss over the tough conversations that could really drive excellent performance. Here's how to remove the 'bail out' feature and improve the review process.
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Take a Memo

May 7, 2007
Memos like ones recently “leaked” from Starbucks and Dell help to not only to fire up the workforce, but also grab the attention of customers and the business community at large.
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Dear Workforce How Do We Soften the Blow for Those Not Chosen for Promotions

May 4, 2007
We are currently offering two internal promotional opportunities, and six candidates have put their names forward. As well as taking into account performance, we will be testing technical knowledge and conducting interviews. We intend to give each candidate detailed feedback. However, how do we soften the blow for the unsuccessful applicants? I know some people have set their hearts on the promotion, but ultimately, four people will be disappointed.
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‘Hot Spot’ Rules

April 16, 2007
During your career at work you will encounter situations when the inspiration is flowing. Colleagues chip in with great ideas. There is a real feeling of teamwork, a genuine spirit of collaboration and progress. I label such moments ‘Hot Spots.’
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