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Motivating Employees

Reports Differ on Employee Satisfaction

December 8, 2006
Kelly survey says 66 percent of women and 62 percent of males are happy or very happy with their job; Sibson reports that career satisfaction dropped from 61 percent in 2003 to 41 percent this year.
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Dear Workforce How Do We Build a Culture of Customer Service

November 10, 2006
We are a diversified organization with 11 companies (all in retail merchandising). What are the steps we should take to build a corporate culture oriented around customer service? What are the critical variables to consider in creating an incentive scheme? Can you share some customer service measuring tool?
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Five Questions for Cathryn Gabor

March 29, 2006
Cathryn Gabor, a 20-year human resources veteran, joined AXA Equitable Life Insurance Co. in September as senior vice president of talent management and human resources. Gabor spoke to Workforce Management about how she plans to help AXA reach its goal of doubling revenue and tripling profit by 2012.
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Personalizing Motivation

March 27, 2006
Beginning with this post. Dr. John Sullivan will write a monthly column for and Workforce Management . Sullivan, a professor of management at San Francisco State University, is one of the leading strategists in the field of workforce management. Human resource professionals must accept the responsibility of providing managers with a list of what motivates and frustrates a new or recently transferred employee.
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Dear Workforce How Do I Address Flagging Motivation?

March 24, 2006
How do I increase motivation levels in the department? How do I brand my business unit as an attractive place to work? I have top-notch IT professionals in my business unit who feel they are "children of a lesser God" because they are non-billable resources and do not get plum postings abroad, nor the glamour that goes with them. As a result, their motivation suffers.
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Dear Workforce How Do We Blend Senior Employees With Employees Absorbed From a Merger

August 17, 2005
Three years ago our company began merging with a larger company, so we issued stay bonuses to all employees. Now the merger is off and most of the senior staff is ready to retire. Trouble is, we have no succession plan in place. Keeping newer employees from the merger together with existing senior employees poses a potential morale problem. How should we handle this?
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