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Motivating Employees

Core Values, Devalued

June 2, 2005
Imagine a workforce that's wholly committed to a set of values that constrains their behavior, but leaves executives free to do as they please.
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The Importance of Being Richard Branson

December 22, 2004
The owner of Virgin talks about praising employees (lavish it on them at all times), firing people (seldom an option) and how to demonstrate trust in managers (intervene as little as possible).
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Guru Nation

April 2, 2004
Management gurus, including Stephen Covey, Tom Peters and Gary Hamel, are making millions by promising companies that their techniques and insights can improve productivity and make the most of human capital. Whether they really deliver on those promises is another issue.
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Great Things Are Starting at Yum

October 29, 2003
The restaurant company has been pouring energy into retention, recognition and communication. Its motto, in fact, is "Great things start here." But the company acknowledges that an employment brand doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t match the experience of employees. The result is lower turnover, higher sales, increased earnings per share and better customer service at the drive-thru.
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