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Performance Appraisals

Want to Kill the Annual Performance Review Step Up or Shut Up!

March 12, 2009
The problem isn’t the institution of the annual performance review. The problem is that most managers don’t know how to effectively coach employees on a daily basis, and most organizations make no attempt to make coaching skills part of the manager’s DNA. That’s why the performance review exists in the first place. It’s also why you can’t remove it, no matter how many consultants rage against the machine.
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Bias Creeps Into Bonus Process, MIT Study Finds

October 2, 2008
In the study “Gender, Race and Meritocracy in Organizational Careers,” professor Emilio Castilla found that despite being in the same job with the same supervisor and receiving the same performance ratings, white men often received higher bonuses than minorities.
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Copping Out on Performance Management

June 28, 2007
Sometimes performance management systems give managers the chance to gloss over the tough conversations that could really drive excellent performance. Here's how to remove the 'bail out' feature and improve the review process.
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Dear Workforce How Do We Soften the Blow for Those Not Chosen for Promotions

May 4, 2007
We are currently offering two internal promotional opportunities, and six candidates have put their names forward. As well as taking into account performance, we will be testing technical knowledge and conducting interviews. We intend to give each candidate detailed feedback. However, how do we soften the blow for the unsuccessful applicants? I know some people have set their hearts on the promotion, but ultimately, four people will be disappointed.
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Dear Workforce How Do We Measure Potential When Making Promotions

January 12, 2007
We base all our job promotion decisions on past performance and recommendations of the immediate superior. We know this is not a reliable method, since past performance in one job is not necessarily a good predictor to future performance, especially when a person assumes a higher position. The question is, without going to a full-blown assessment center, what tools can we use to measure a person’s potential to find out if they are suitable for a higher position?
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Dear Workforce How Do I Describe the Different Evaluation Methods to Management

December 29, 2006
I have been using various appraisal tools, including management by objectives, 360-degree feedback and comparative performance appraisal methods. These give me choices when carrying out performance appraisals. However, management is questioning whether these tools are useful in our organization. How could I give a synopsis of the pros and cons of each method?
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