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<i>Dear Workforce</i> How Do We Soften the Blow for Those Not Chosen for Promotions

May 4, 2007
We are currently offering two internal promotional opportunities, and six candidates have put their names forward. As well as taking into account performance, we will be testing technical knowledge and conducting interviews. We intend to give each candidate detailed feedback. However, how do we soften the blow for the unsuccessful applicants? I know some people have set their hearts on the promotion, but ultimately, four people will be disappointed.
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<i>Dear Workforce</i> How Do We Measure Potential When Making Promotions

January 12, 2007
We base all our job promotion decisions on past performance and recommendations of the immediate superior. We know this is not a reliable method, since past performance in one job is not necessarily a good predictor to future performance, especially when a person assumes a higher position. The question is, without going to a full-blown assessment center, what tools can we use to measure a person’s potential to find out if they are suitable for a higher position?
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<i>Dear Workforce</i> How Do We Create Evaluations That Accurately Capture How Well People Perform Their Jobs

November 16, 2006
We’re a CPA office and have a very detailed multiple-page annual evaluation form for our professionals. However, I haven’t been able to find a good general performance evaluation form for our administrative team. We also have a full-time marketing employee whose job is so specific to marketing that the only evaluation we can think of is results-oriented. The same issue applies to our IT manager and employees of our scanning department. How do we devise an evaluation system or format tailored to each of these different individuals that fairly and accurately captures how well they perform their specific jobs?
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