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Performance Appraisals

Dear Workforce How Do I Describe the Different Evaluation Methods to Management

December 29, 2006
I have been using various appraisal tools, including management by objectives, 360-degree feedback and comparative performance appraisal methods. These give me choices when carrying out performance appraisals. However, management is questioning whether these tools are useful in our organization. How could I give a synopsis of the pros and cons of each method?
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Dear Workforce How Do We Create Evaluations That Accurately Capture How Well People Perform Their Jobs

November 16, 2006
We’re a CPA office and have a very detailed multiple-page annual evaluation form for our professionals. However, I haven’t been able to find a good general performance evaluation form for our administrative team. We also have a full-time marketing employee whose job is so specific to marketing that the only evaluation we can think of is results-oriented. The same issue applies to our IT manager and employees of our scanning department. How do we devise an evaluation system or format tailored to each of these different individuals that fairly and accurately captures how well they perform their specific jobs?
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Dear Workforce How Do We Boost Employees’ Pay and Performance Levels Simultaneously

May 19, 2006
My casino’s compensation strategy is to pay our employees the market rate for the jobs they perform. We have some employees who are paid below market value for the title they hold, but they are not doing as high a level of work for the title. In most cases, these folks were promoted from within but did not have the proper skills and abilities for the job (poor selection). We would like to increase both their pay and their level of work. Which comes first? We’re considering two options: (1) set higher performance standards with specific time targets. When they bring their work up to those standards, we will increase their pay; or (2) increase their pay immediately and let them know that their increase comes with higher expectations. We will make training available in either case.
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Dear Workforce How Do I Launch a Formal Appraisal Process

April 20, 2006
Our appraisal process has been pretty informal until now and, although employees have not complained, their morale is low. I want to help them feel good about their jobs, rather than watch them leave us. What meaningful questions could I ask when conducting midyear appraisals?
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