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Performance Appraisals

Dear Workforce How Do We Get New Managers to Document Performance

May 6, 2005
We have a couple of employees who will be returning from a leave of absence. Neither was meeting the mark regarding performance when they left. In their absence, other employees have stepped up to fill in where needed, and we are quite impressed with their good work. We understand the need to be compassionate to those returning from leave, but this episode exposed a problem for us: getting managers to document performance expectations. This was not done in the past, and now new supervisors are forced to deal with it. How do we address this? What should we do?
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Dear Workforce How Do We Stay Profitable as We Lose Lots of Workers to Retirement

April 21, 2005
Because we don’t have a performance-development plan in place, individual workers never get feedback on their performance and have few development and training opportunities. How do we ensure the long-term profitability of our company, especially since many employees will soon retire and those remaining lack the necessary skills/training to succeed them?
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Yum Does a 360

April 1, 2005
Managers break with the soft-drink giant's strategy and adopt a more people-friendly approach in which tech-powered assessment help reinforce values. The shift in the people management philosophy has helped Yum achieve a remarkable record of growth.
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