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Performance Appraisals

Dear Workforce Why 360s Aren't Right for Us—or Are They?

September 14, 2010
We are seeking a way to evaluate individual managers for effectiveness at our company of fewer than 200 employees. Generally, 360 reviews are not recommended for companies of our size. What other tools could we use? —Doing a 360, human resources manager, finance/insurance/real estate, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
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Dear Workforce How Do We Remove Subjective Appraisals

August 3, 2010
I need to make our performance appraisal process less subjective. Under our current scheme, employees give feedback about their performance using a self-appraisal form. The output of their work is then appraised by their reporting superior. I believe this creates room for bias, and I want an evaluation method that removes subjectivity to some extent. Am I being realistic? Or should I allow supervisors to use subjective measurements when evaluating employees?
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