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Performance Appraisals

Dear Workforce What Is a Reasonable Level for Employee Engagement

February 16, 2010
While recognizing that it will vary between industries and indeed countries, how should our organization determine a reasonably satisfactory level for employee engagement? In particular, how do we get serious about driving engagement higher, and measuring its impact on our employees’ morale/satisfaction, as well as our business?
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Why Integrity Doesnt Drive Performance

January 19, 2010
Commentary: If you want a performance management process to reinforce or build cultural values at your company, you’ll need more than lip service to those values. You’ll need to make some current team members a little uncomfortable with your view of values, and possibly even make them think that they don’t belong at your company.
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Dear Workforce Is Our Forced Ranking System Still Valid

November 17, 2009
How is the economy affecting the use of forced ranking? Our company is trying to figure out whether we should use it to address some internal issues regarding performance and succession. Is there a recommended minimum number of employees against which a “forced” performance rating distribution should be applied? Alternatively, what other strategies could we use in place of forced ranking?
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McCain Delays Vote on Labor Board Nominee

October 21, 2009
The Arizona senator asserts that Craig Becker, currently the associate general counsel for the AFL-CIO and the Service Employees International Union, would try to circumvent labor law through NLRB rulings.
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Disparate Impact Versus Disparate Treatment

Employers are advised that once a selection system is in place, it should be followed in the absence of evidence that the process violates the disparate-impact provisions of Title VII. Employers should consider adopting a fair system for awarding promotions, ensure the process is job-related and defensible, and evaluate alternative methods based on appropriateness and the impact on protected groups.
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Dear Workforce How Do We Improve Our Performance Evaluations

June 30, 2009
When completing appraisals, our supervisors tend to rate their employees’ performance as either high or very high. I suspect, however, that there is greater variance between individual performers. How could we make sure that the performance appraisals accurately reflect the work our people are doing? What safeguards or backup procedures could we use to ensure that supervisors aren’t simply filling out paperwork by rote, simply to get it done as an annual requirement? (P.S.: The entire company uses the same appraisal system.)
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Dear Workforce How Do We Determine Objective Criteria to Recognize Top-Performing Police Officers

June 10, 2009
How do we devise criteria for recognizing top-performing police officers? We believe officers should not be judged solely on the number of citations, arrests or captured arsonists they get in a month. I am looking to base the assessment on “soft” skills so that, when each lieutenant and sergeant tries to push for their people, there are factors that will separate each officer and let us see who the best performers truly are each month.
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Protecting Yourself in the Performance Review Process

March 22, 2009
Now, more than ever, managers need to take great care in preparing performance reviews, documenting decisions and maintaining records. Failing to take the performance-management process seriously could create a significant risk of liability for the employer. Here are some steps HR should take to train managers in how to conduct performance reviews and impress upon them the importance of the process.
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