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How Do We Get Managers to Loosen Control Over Employees?

October 4, 2011
Rather than enabling our employees to innovate, our management tends to stand in their way. They would rather exert tight-fisted control over employees. This makes for a work environment that isn't conducive for strategic innovation; we are unable to keep enthusiastic and talented people. How could I persuade management to drop its hierarchical approach so that employees are encouraged to initiate projects that help the company?
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UAW-GM Contract to Create or Retain 6,400 Jobs

General Motors has agreed to retain or create 6,400 jobs as part of $2.5 billion in planned product and plant investments under a new labor accord with the UAW. In a move to encourage GM to add jobs, the union and automaker negotiated new buyout offers of $10,000 to $65,000 to encourage long-time workers to retire and be replaced with lower-paid, entry-level workers.
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Retaining Young Talent Won’t Be Easy

September 16, 2011
Employers can expect a struggle trying to keep young talent for the long haul, as 61 percent of survey participants say they will stay at their first job for less than three years.
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Dear Workforce How Can I Manage Retention During Downsizing

September 7, 2011
How can I manage retention during downsizing? Our business area is downsizing in order to close down in about four years. We have begun doing some layoffs this year, but much of our business will continue for several years and retention remains a serious issue. We are trying to find other jobs within the company for laid-off people and have been open about expected release dates. However, we are afraid that this will not be enough to keep all of our key people.
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