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Optimas Award Financial Impact National City Corporation

September 7, 2011
Faced with high turnover among new hires--a problem this major bank called "quick quits," National City Corporation formed National City Institute to support and train its new employees. The result: savings of $1.35 million for new hires who don't leave, and better training that has brought in sales increases of $3.7 million in less than three years.
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Do Recognition and Rewards Really Help Boost Retention?

August 29, 2011
Treating employees well is common sense, but it needs to be common practice. Far more important for today's employees is this: intangible recognition for a job well done. This recognition usually requires little or no financial commitment for an organization, yet produces a high return.
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Dear Workforce How Do We Launch an Internship Program to Help Curb Turnover?

May 4, 2011
How do we launch an internship program that will help us reduce high turnover? We intend to provide training to equip new employees, mostly younger people, to eventually occupy full-time positions with our hospitality company. We are interested in curbing the costs of retaining people and also hoping to build brand loyalty with employees.
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Top Performers Look for a Little Love Outside of Pay

May 1, 2011
Rewarding employees goes beyond pay and benefits, especially in a tight economy where pay raises are still averaging 3 percent. ‘Rewarder’ companies, which are repairing cultures and striving to enhance cooperation at all levels, are outpacing their competition when it comes to engaging the workforce.
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Pay 'Philosophy' Could Prompt Workers to Stay

March 29, 2011
'Organizations should focus on communicating how their philosophies were developed and continuously benchmark their scores on pay satisfaction to remain competitive,' says Ashley Nuese, director of marketing and sales services at Chicago-based HR Solutions.
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Young Workers Craving Defined Benefit Plans

March 29, 2011
At a time when defined benefit or pension plans are growing scarcer, they have become a more potent recruiting and retention tool. Clearly, employees still value the security the retirement plans promise, based on the results of a recent Towers Watson & Co. survey.
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