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Strategic Planning

Green Recruiting Helps Bring in Top Talent

August 17, 2007
In the race to attract the most talented, innovative employees, some companies like GE are painting themselves in green—a rich environmental green—to boost their recruiting leverage. An environmental pedigree, recruiting experts say, can help lure applicants.
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CFO Shuffle Surges

July 17, 2007
Turnover of chief financial officers spiked 20 percent in the second quarter, but the overall level of management change is expected to drop over the next few months.
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Explaining Executives' Dim View of HR

June 22, 2007
Jeff Schwartz recently served as co-director of "Aligned at the Top," a study conducted by Deloitte and The Economist Intelligence Unit that looked at how people issues are seen by 531 business executives and HR leaders from companies across the globe.
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