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Strategic Planning

IDEOs Organizational Personas

February 2, 2007
IDEO has developed 10 roles people can play in an organization to foster innovation. They come at “every point of the compass, in all aspects of the business and in every team member,” says IDEO general manager Tom Kelly.
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Dear Workforce Developing Future Leaders

January 19, 2007
We want to develop the management and leadership capabilities of our staff members, especially those in positions of responsibility. Our goal is to recognize the important and complex responsibilities of our managers and equip them with tools to develop their potential. How do we do this without it seeming like a mandate sent down from above, which is our fear?
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What Does Strategic HR Really Mean

December 28, 2006
While buzzwords come and go, basic blocking and tackling remains consistent. For HR professionals to ensure people are engaged, excited and energized, they must proactively practice strategic HR.
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