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Strategic Planning

Part 3 Leading People Through Disasters

June 2, 2006
When the rains, winds, fire or floods have ceased, it’s time to pay attention in equal part to people’s physical and emotional states in anticipation of going back to work.
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Tearing Down Workforce Walls

May 12, 2006
Employees of Weyerhaeuser’s newly created wood products division, iLevel, must be persuaded to lay aside differences in deeply rooted corporate cultures that existed prior to the creation of the new business unit.
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Age Wave Adapting to Older Workers

March 29, 2006
The ranks of workers 55 and older are swelling, yet few employers have adjusted to meet the needs of this strategically important segment of the workforce. Researcher and author Ken Dychtwald says companies might want to start thinking about flexible schedules, ergonomics and enchanced opportunities for older workers before they lose vital expertise.
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Ford The Right Way Forward

March 24, 2006
Beyond job cuts and plant closures, Ford Motor Co. has revealed few details about its ambitious workforce restructuring plan. What's known, however, is the automaker has a tough road ahead as it tries to overhaul its U.S. operations--and that half-measures won't do.
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The Jobs You Can't Do Without

December 13, 2005
By identifying positions that directly produce revenue, reach customers or encompass skills that differentiate a company from its rivals, employers can put their resources into areas where they'll have the greatest effect.
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