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Strategic Planning

The Move to Meaningful Metrics

October 25, 2005
Experts agree that recruiting-effectiveness measures are a more accurate gauge of value than efficiency measures such as time to fill and cost per hire. Designing the best effectiveness metrics is the new challenge.
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Dear Workforce How Do We Plug Skills Gaps of Our Recruiters?

September 9, 2005
Recruiters at our company have a tough time closing deals. They gather specifications, source qualified candidates, screen and interview candidates and compile 'short lists'--and then they wait to hear back. Trouble is, I think our recruiters either a) have poor communication skills or b) aren't doing their jobs efficiently. How do I identify and plug the gap? What training modules might exist for enhancing their skills?
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Dear Workforce How Could We Use Statistics to Meaningfully Analyze Our Hiring?

June 17, 2005
We want to use statistical analysis to improve our hiring and retention. First, we are gathering information about employees who have left our company (reasons they left, shifts they worked, number of hours they worked, length of employment, their salary in comparison to other agencies, etc.). The second phase is to make recommendations for changing our employment practices, based on information gleaned from the first exercise. For instance, if employees are leaving because they are not working enough hours, we could recommend adding more hours to our shifts. Last, we'll need to implement any recommendations. What advice do you have for starting this process? Are there things to look out for? How do we actually use the statistical data to get meaningful results?
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Strategic Planning A Self-Assessment

March 15, 2005
Companies can rate their strategic planning using this self-scored worksheet below. The focus is on how effective communication is between employees and decision-makers; whether the company’s reporting relationships match the strategy; rewards are tied to desired results; and strategy is evaluated after it’s implemented.
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