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Strategic Planning

Best Practices Code of Conduct

November 1, 1995
The International Benchmarking Clearinghouse of the American Productivity and Quality Center in Houston offers the following advice on how to engage in best practices studies ethically and effectively.
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Wedding HR to Strategic Alliances

May 1, 1995
Within the last decade, U.S. companies formed more than 20,000 alliances, but a large percentage have failed. Allowing HR managers to facilitate the relationships can mean the difference between a happy marriage and a messy divorce.
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1994 General Excellence Optimas Award Profile AT&T

December 1, 1994
Following the break-up of the Bell System, AT&T had to play a key role in helping the company become something new. Through such efforts as top-notch training, a data-intensive succession planning system, and the Workplace of the Future initiative, HR has helped the company reorganize and enter the new markets.
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