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What’s the Best Way to Create an Executive Coaching Model?

October 13, 2015

Our executive team wants to create executive coaching model. Which ingredients should be included to ensure we build the best methodology? The goal is to start at the top and trickle mentoring downward to our front-line managers, supervisors, etc.

—View From the Top, data processing/IT, Santa Clara, California

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Dissed Loyalty

May 27, 2015

Companies talk a good game about employee loyalty, but according to a recent survey, many organizations really aren’t paying much attention to it.

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How Do We Handle Rude Micromanagers?

May 19, 2015

How do we curb a rude micromanager? This particular supervisor treats both customers and employees with little respect. The problem is exacerbated by a district manager who refuses to document the infractions, and an assistant manager at the same location who is nearly as big a problem. The result is long-term employees giving notice, not to mention difficulty recruiting new people. Is it too late to intervene and redeem these leaders? Or should we start cleaning house?

Talent Turmoil, retail trade, Richmond, Virginia

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