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China Matters Podcasts

March 12, 2007
Staff writer Ed Frauenheim recently interviewed several leading workforce management professionals in China, a nation undergoing rapid economic transformation. This series of podcasts brings you informative interviews with executives who are grappling with talent acquisition, management and leadership issues in the world's fastest growing economy.
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IRS Backdating Offer Draws Little Fanfare

February 20, 2007
Resolving the issue may make good business sense, but for companies in the midst of internal reviews of their option granting practices, the payment of penalties might be tantamount to showing their cards.
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Monster Exec Pleads Guilty in Backdating Scandal

February 15, 2007
Myron Olesnyckyj conspired with other executives at Monster to “systematically backdate stock option grants to Monster employees in an effort to fraudulently suppress Monster’s compensation expenses,” authorities say.
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