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Sound the Retreat

September 2, 2003
Although the dollars that companies spend on retreats have fallen with the weakened economy, some organizations still sign up for off-site meetings that involve physical challenges and offbeat exercises. There's considerable debate about whether organizations can really rev up leadership skills or build a team through games, firewalking, rock-climbing or whitewater rafting. Last month's resignation by the U.S. Postal Service's Inspector General in the wake of her million -dollar retreats (which included mock trials and costumes) hasn't helped the image of retreats.
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That Sartain touch

July 31, 2003
If human resources has a household name, it's Libby Sartain, who earned her stripes at Southwest Airlines, mended a fracture at SHRM, made a leap to Yahoo and now has written a road map for human resources professionals who want to be like her.
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A Bookstore Battle

Trying to make your company stand out from your competitor? You’ll want to take a look inside Borders and Barnes & Noble, whose senior management operate with different business philosophies and recruit employees with passions that support the uniqueness of each enterprise.
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