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Corporate Culture

Small Groups, Big Ideas

March 9, 2006
W.L. Gore believes its egalitarian workforce philosophy--no titles, workers collaborating in small teams--fuels creativity and innovation. But as global expansion raises the need for more formalized practices, can the company maintain itself?
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On the Same Flight Plan

January 20, 2006
As US Airways and America West join forces, integrating the carriers' very different cultures is not only key to ensuring a smooth transition--the new company's survival might hinge on it. The merger deal, worth $1.5 billion, has been billed as a way to make both carriers more efficient.
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Dear Workforce How Do We Reverse a Culture Of Hostility

December 15, 2005
Our human resources department feels powerless to fix an entrenched problem. We lost some good people in recent years as a result of a hostile work environment, triggered by a vice president who constantly denigrates employees. Given that our human resources department has given up trying, what could be done to try to remedy the situation?
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