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Corporate Culture

Many Businesses, but One Mission

June 16, 2006
It was Jeremy Farmer's job to bring Aon's fragmented insurance and consulting operations under a unified culture. With 47,000 employees in 500 offices throughout the world, the insurance and consulting company was completely decentralized. But when regulators came knocking, both the company and its HR chief realized that the new culture needed a singular goal: putting customers first.
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Rebalancing Putnam

May 30, 2006
In the wake of scandal, Putnam Investments realized that its rigid structure and hyper-competitive environment might have been partly to blame for bad behavior. Now the company hopes a more relaxed culture and less focus on short-term results will help restore its reputation with clients and potential employees.
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On The Skids

April 7, 2006
If you want to get a good look at the changing state of workforce management in the 21st century, look no further than the drama going on with General Motors and Delphi Corp., GM’s largest parts supplier.
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Age Wave Adapting to Older Workers

March 29, 2006
The ranks of workers 55 and older are swelling, yet few employers have adjusted to meet the needs of this strategically important segment of the workforce. Researcher and author Ken Dychtwald says companies might want to start thinking about flexible schedules, ergonomics and enchanced opportunities for older workers before they lose vital expertise.
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Overcoming a Costly Legacy

March 24, 2006
For Ford Motor Co. and other Detroit automakers, on of the most confounding challenges revolves around so-called "legacy costs," the financial burden of pension and health benefits for retirees.
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Ford The Right Way Forward

March 24, 2006
Beyond job cuts and plant closures, Ford Motor Co. has revealed few details about its ambitious workforce restructuring plan. What's known, however, is the automaker has a tough road ahead as it tries to overhaul its U.S. operations--and that half-measures won't do.
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Technology Test Subject

March 20, 2006
As people chief at SAP, Claus Heinrich provides the business software maker real-world insight into the applications that workforce managers need. But his greater responsibility may be helping the company's innovative culture amid global expansion.
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