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Corporate Culture

Leading Indicators

June 29, 2005
Think nice guys--and gals--finish last? Don't tell that to researcher and consultant Roslyn Courtney, who has found that the most successful leaders are accessible, encourage candid dialog and show respect for employees and customers.
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Where Paying Dues Delivers

May 10, 2005
Lea Soupata rose from truck driver to senior vice president of people programs at UPS, becoming one of the highest-paid female human resources executives in the nation in the process. It’s a success story, but it’s also just how things are at UPS, where people routinely work their way up from the bottom.
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Corporate Crunch

April 13, 2005
When conglomerate Unilever scooped up Ben & Jerry’s, some worried that the ice creamiconoclast might become just another plain-vanilla subsidiary. Instead, the two companies have flavored each other’s cultures.
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